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Bring your home TV with you & save some money! **

You too can finally cut your cable cord if you subscribe to this streaming service! "With over 2000 live channels, over 5000 movies and over 1000 TV series, on 5 devices at a time for $2/day. Cue by far is the best value in streaming services available today."

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One of the toughest part of travel is finding something good to watch on the hotel TV.

I also found it hard (after a long day) to relax and find a good movie or my favorite channel to watch my favorite shows on the hotel TV!

** You can take this CUE Streaming service with you on your next trip!

Learn how to install a Fire TV stick to your personal PC *

* You don't have to drag your Desktop w/ you on your next trip ;-)

TIP: If you subscribe to the CUE Streaming service you can use their CUE WebTV player on your smart phone & PC! This is the easy button!

NOTE: If you don't want to install a fire stick on your PC you can skip to step #9)

To Learn More About Cue Streaming Service

FIRST, watch the CUE Streaming Video... (to find it, scroll down)

NEXT, read How To "Cut Your TV Cable Cord" to learn which is best...

to Subscribe or ENROLL/Subscribe.

THEN come back to this page... Start at Step #1

IF you already subscribed... skip to Step #3 to install CUE to Fire TV Stick

IF you already have CUE installed... skip to Step #4 to install it to your PC

Disclosure: If you decide to subsribe to CUE Streaming service 20% of your subscription will automatically be donated to Sky Lodge Christian Camp. ***

From CrewLinks*** I'll donate our 10% + 10% from your sponsor ( CrossRoads ) will go to their Sky Lodge scholarship fund. Read more...

*** Now that I'm "retired" we've had the opportunity to volunteer and helped with adding sporting facilities, building repairs & remodeling projects at Sky Lodge.

Thank You & God Bless!!
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NEXT: ENROLL/Subscribe to Cue Streaming

1. Verify your home or hotel's high speed internet is fast enough to stream to your TV.

Speed Test (>4Mbps minimum for HD video (>15Mbps to stream 4K *)

NOTE: The FREE perk of staying at nice hotels is you normally get good fast wifi on your layovers.

2. Subscribe and fill out your CUE "ACCOUNT INFO". ($59.99 per/mo) ****

NOTE: This information will be used to create your personalized site and LOGIN to access your "personal back office" using your email address after you click "PLACE ORDER".


FYI: IF you later decide that you would like to promote CUE as an Independent Sales Agent (ISA) you will choose a new unique "USERNAME". SkyLodge Tips Steps 1-3


Subscribe Example: " I am signing up under CREWLINKS-SKYLODGE "

NEXT: Install the Fire TV Stick to your TV

3. You will receive a WELCOME email with detailed installation instructions.

- Download the PDF for simple steps w/ photos to install the CUE App onto your Fire TV Stick -


- This <3min VIDEO shows you how to download CUE App onto your Amazon Fire TV Stick -

4. Purchase (<$25) & connect a "capture card" adapter to allow your Fire Stick w/ HDMI cord to be connected to your PC's USB 3.0 Port. **

* "Due to the high-quality nature of the content provided by CUE, an internet download speed of at least 50Mbps [at home] is recommended. A higher download speed allows for smoother streaming experiences across multiple devices simultaneously and provides a buffer for fluctuations in network performance."

** Your HDMI port on your laptop or desktop is for sending your screen to another projector. To verify your personal computer has a 3.0 USB port shine a light onto the port to see if it is BLUE or not & IF it is you are good to go! If it is not BLUE then it probably won't work on a USB 2.0 so it might be time for an upgrade;-/ You will need 2 USB ports. The other one will be used to power the Firestick. For your desktop you could plug your 4K Fire TV Stick into a normal plug-in with the adapter that comes with your stick.

TIP: It's best to use a newer version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K & w/ a volumn button on the remote. After your Fire TV Stick is loaded with CUE and your favorite channels are set up you are ready to proceed to step #1 below.

NOTE: If your hotel internet speed is too SLOW consider paying the fee to upgrade your room. It might cost you less money than a cup of coffee or paying to watch the hotel's movie channel. "Depending on the type of Hotel internet they offer, speeds can range anywhere from 25 Mbps to over 300 Mbps." IF you need to pay a fee to upgrade your room to higher speed internet it should be faster than basic free hotel internet! So recommend you check it before and after the upgrade & cancel it if it's not at least 25 Mbps!!

FYI: Your distance from the hotel's router & number of other hotel guest streaming will also affect your speed.

Steps To "Install FireTV Stick w/ CUE to a PC"

After you have install CUE to your Fire TV Stick on your smart TV 1st. Watch this 4min YouTube Video for good visual detailed steps. The video was made for an earlier version of OBS back in 2023 so I will give you the settings I used that worked for me to install OBS Studio 3.0 version onto my DELL desktop. Stop & pause the video as needed.

How to YouTube: Connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to your Laptop / PC

1. After your Fire TV Stick is connected to your PC download & install the FREE OBS Studio. Follow the Setup directions during installation on the screen & click Finish to launch OBS. * (watch YouTube video to see how)

* This program should work on PC computers with Windows 10 or 11 and the download page says it also works on macOS w/ 11.0 or newer.

NOTE: Legal Disclaimer... It worked fine on my Dell laptop & desktop computers but download it at your own risk!

Starting at 1min on video is the OBS settings you will need. Follow the video...

2. After loaded the first pop-up window ask "Specify what you want to use the program for" I selected "Optimize for streaming..." click Next.

- "Specify the video settings you would like to use." I selected the default "Use Current..." & the FPS default too. click Next.

Stream info... "Please enter your stream info." I didn't see CUE streaming on the drop down list so I didn't change it & I left the "Server" & "Stream Key" blanks empty too. Since I couldn't select "Next" I clicked on "Cancel".

-Starting at 2min on video is the OBS settings you will need. Follow the video...

3. Bottom of screen "Sources" click on the plus button & choose "Video Capture Device" then type in the name you like.. Example: "firetv stick" then click "OK"

4. Properties for "firetv stick" windows pops open. Under Device drop down the menu & change it to: "USB Video" since "USB 3.0 Capture" is NOT an option under this version of OSB Studio.

It worked! You should now see the fire stick home screen. Next scroll dwn to the bottom "Audio Output Mode" & check the "Use custom audio device." Select "OK". Another pop up window that the video didn't talk about so just click "OK" again.

For Example: One YouTube video commenter said: "It didn't offer "video capture" but rather "USB video" and it still worked. If you see only a black screen once you've completed the steps, use your remote and hit the "home" button. If you're on a different wifi network, you may experience a "network error" and have to USE YOUR REMOTE to input the new wifi network and password. You must use the [Fire Stick] remote to navigate and not the keyboard."

5. Select "Settings" lower right of the screen. Then select "Audio" on LFT (under General column) then at bottom of the page find "Advanced" use drop down to select your "Speakers..." Then click "Apply" & "OK".

6. Under Audio Mixer box click the cog settings icon. Select same row as "firetv stick" & under "Audio Monitoring" column select "Monitor and Output" then click [Close].

7. To open the Fire TV screen to fill your computer screen. RT click anywhere on the upper half of the gray area & either select "Fullscreen... or Windowed Projector. IF the screen goes blank remember to use your Fire TV remote & just click the [Home] button to wake it up. To exit out of those screen views you can press your [Esc] key on your computer key board.

8. The hardest part is remembering now to use your Fire Stick remote instead of your mouse! You now have installed OBS onto your desktop or laptop & should see "OBS Studio" icon that you can click open any time you want to use the App to view your Fire Stick on your monitor. The other nice thing about the FREE OSB Studio is being able to record a Fire TV program or video of yourself w/ your PC camera & mic.

FYI: If you plugged your Fire Stick into the spare USB port then when you turn off your computer & turn it back on & click on the OBS Studio it could take a couple of minutes before Fire TV loads up.. just like it does on your smart TVs. If you want to avoid the delay and have a nearby plug in or extension cord you can plug your Fire TV Stick w/ the included adapter into power and it will be powered up 24/7 ready for use.

TIP: If ever you need or want to "Reboot" your Fire TV Stick without turning off your computer or unplugging it you can hold down both your [pause] + middle [select] buttons on your remote for 7-10 seconds. FireTV will restart.. it takes a couple of min before you get to your Who's Watching Fire TV screen. Come on that's a good TIP.. Your welcome!

9. IF all you want to view is the CUE WebTV Player on your smart phone, laptop or desktop then all you need to do is FWD yourself a link from the "Welcome to Cue Streaming" email that you will receive after you "subscribe". SAVE this email & keep it private since it has your Username & password included, which you can change if you need to. So only click the links or copy/paste the address into another email to send to the computer or smart phone you wish to install the player onto. Then go to step #10.

TIP: You can log in as "Guest View" to see how it looks and the selection of movies & series. Example: To do a quick search (top of page) under SERIES / COMEDY for "Friends" Click on the hour glass, type in "friends" [ENTER] & Click the friends "cover jacket". Then select the [Season 1-8] and scroll down to see a description of each episode! Another Nice Tip!

WebTV Player (Click & Save):

10. FIRST enter [Any Name] i.e. your first name or your AKA nick name. Then enter your real [User Name]: email address then your current CUE [Password] & click on [ADD USER]. You can leave [Cue Streaming -Premium ] in the drop down. (No extra charge for Premium)

TIP: Using your favorite browser save the address to your [Favorite Bar] & change the name to "WebTV CUE" & drag it up to your bar so you can see it. Then the next time you click on it, you won't need to fill out the info on the right, just click on [LIST USER] & pick your AKA name. Next when you click on your name it drops dwn to [LOGIN] & click it to enter!

HINT: After you are log-in in the lower LFT hand if you click on [Account] you will see your "Created At:" signed up dated, Username, Acct Status, Expire Date, Active Connections (#number using CUE) & Max connections: (5).

-Lower RT hand click on [FAVORITE] then select either LIVE TV, VOD, OR SERIES for a shortcut to your favorite settings. BYW to make a channel or movie a favorite click on a channel or movie then click on the WHITE heart to change it to RED.

FYI: If you ever change your CUE password then all your Fire TVs "CUE" Apps will probably need to be update & have the Source reloaded** which is a pain but not hard & takes <5min once you see how to do it a couple of times.

** Open CUE App, Center button, then go dwn to "Options" over to "Settings" Then select [Sources] then dwn to [Setup] select, dwm to [Cue Streaming] right to [Done] select, go down & clear your [Clear cache] then select [Cue Streaming] again, select [Edit], Go dwn to [Password] and select and ck & change it if you update it. When finished use your [PAUSE] button RT to [Next], [Next], Then RT to [Update] & then select [Done] !

It will SPIN for awhile (could be 3min or more) after it's "done" i.e. the Channels, Logotypes & Programs are ALL loaded then go RT to [Close] select. IF you did it right then after a brief pause the channel should load. To Exit out of "Sources" use your Fire TV Remote [Back Arrow] 2 times...

TIP IF after 3min the "Programs" number has stopped increasing & has a large number but it continues to spin... use your bck arrow on your Fire TV remote and then reclick on [Done] again & the Cue Streaming page should reload very quickly. Then select [Close] & on your remote [bck arrow] 2x to get out of the "Source" update page. Easy-peasy!



Welcome to the Cue Stream Family!

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5 Easy Steps - How To "Cut Your TV Cable Cord"

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